Australian Government, the Australian Office of Financial Management

Vision and Mission

AOFM Vision:

Excellence in sovereign financial management.

AOFM Mission:

With the best possible community outcomes in mind, to:

  • meet the Government's financing needs in full and on time;
  • promote the integrity of CGS and other markets in which we operate; and
  • cost effectively manage all of our risks.

Standing in judgment of AOFM:

The AOFM faces a number of challenges not usual to either public sector agencies, or private organisations. The AOFM is required to make judgements that balance the pursuit of broad community outcomes with an understanding of incentives that drive financial market participants. The role requires a heightened degree of independent, objective and transparent behaviour on the part of AOFM. Therefore, it is important for the success of the agency that it be seen in its day-to-day dealings to be:

  • of the highest integrity - we take pride in our work, owning decisions that we make;
  • impartial - we deal with all parties in a manner that will withstand scrutiny;
  • responsive - we act professionally, showing initiative and exercising the ability to adapt to changing circumstances; and
  • clear - when there is something we should communicate it is done in a straightforward and timely manner.


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