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General Information for Potential Applicants

Eligibility to Apply for a Position

To be eligible to apply for a position with the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) you must be an Australian citizen.

Before I apply, what should I do?

You should study the selection documentation and decide whether your skills and abilities meet the requirements set out by the selection criteria.  If you require further information, the contact officer listed in the advertisement will be able to provide you with more information about the position.

If I apply, what should I include in my application?

AOFM employment is under the Public Service Act 1999 and all employment decisions are based on merit.  The merit selection process is based around the applicant's ability to meet the specified selection criteria for advertised positions.  Therefore you should detail your work experience relevant to the position.

Your application is the first point of contact with the AOFM, and should set out the experience and educational qualifications that you have, relevant to the advertised position.  The application should be set out with the selection process in mind.  It is important when composing your application to follow these few tips.

If at any time during the application process you would like further information about the progress of your application you may contact the Human Resources Manager on (02) 6263 1177.

The Selection Process

The selection panel will assess each applicant's claims against the selection criteria based on the written application.  This assessment is based on the application that you submit, and how you meet the selection criteria relative to other applicants.  If there are several applicants with good claims against the requirements of the job, the panel will proceed with further selection stages.  This could involve practical tests, psychometric assessment, an assessment centre or an interview of selected applicants.

Please note that your application may not receive further acknowledgement after submission.  Only applicants proceeding to the next stage of selection will be contacted.  For other applicants, we thank you for your interest and effort in applying and wish you all the best in your career search.

As a final step, the panel may contact referees.  You should nominate two referees who are familiar with your behaviour in a work context.  People for whom you have worked (past or current managers or supervisors) are best.  In some circumstances, the panel may contact people familiar with your work who you have not nominated.  When such people are to be contacted the panel will ensure that the applicant is informed so that such contact does not interfere with current employment.

The panel will weigh up all of the evidence collected from the application process.  The merit of your claims to the published selection criteria will be assessed relative to other applicants.

If you are interviewed, you will be notified of the outcome of your application.  Once the process is finalised, you may request feedback about your application.

If I am successful?

If you are an ongoing employee in the Australian Public Service (APS), you will be promoted or moved according to APS procedures.  You may require a security clearance or upgrading of your security clearance, depending upon the position.

If you are not a member of the APS, you will be offered an engagement in the APS subject to various clearance processes (e.g. citizenship, health, character and identity checks).  The engagement will be subject to a period of probation appropriate to the type of job for which you applied.  Probation may be waived in certain circumstances.

Your engagement with the AOFM will be covered by an industrial agreement of some variety, which will outline your remuneration and most of your terms and conditions (many APS conditions are governed by legislation specific to APS employees).  Conditions of employment include participation in the AOFM performance management process (with associated pay outcomes), membership of a comprehensive superannuation scheme, and access to flexible remuneration packaging.  The AOFM supports workplace diversity and is a smoke free workplace.

What To Do Now?

Should you want to continue with your application, please complete the Applicant Personal Details Form and ensure it is the first page of your application.  Please send an electronic copy of your application to:

Or if you do not have access to e-mail, your application (no copies required) can be submitted  to:

Australian Office of Financial Management
Treasury Building
King Edward Terrace
PARKES   ACT   2600

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