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Senate Order on Government Contracts - Financial Year

2012-13 Financial Year 158KB 87KB
2011-12 Financial Year 116KB 141KB
2010-11 Financial Year 110KB 124KB
2009-10 Financial Year 106KB 105KB
2008-09 Financial Year 42KB 56KB
2007-08 Financial Year 40KB 47KB
2006-07 Financial Year 68KB 61KB
2005-06 Financial Year 25KB 55KB
2004-05 Financial Year 45KB 75KB
2003-04 Financial Year 36KB 43KB
2002-03 Financial Year 32KB 48KB

Senate Order on Government Contracts - Calendar Year

2013 Calendar Year 192KB 170KB
2012 Calendar Year 185KB 144KB
2011 Calendar Year 30KB 132KB
2010 Calendar Year 106KB 118KB
2009 Calendar Year 42KB 95KB
2008 Calendar Year 53KB 51KB
2007 Calendar Year 37KB 39KB
2006 Calendar Year 18KB 60KB
2005 Calendar Year 37KB 51KB
2004 Calendar Year 45KB 73KB
2003 Calendar Year 48KB 84KB

Indexed List of Agency Files

July - December 2013 201KB
January - June 2013 196KB
July - December 2012 210KB
January - June 2012 182KB

Legal Services Expenditure

Legal Services Expenditure 2012-13
Legal Services Expenditure 2011-12
Legal Services Expenditure 2010-11
Legal Services Expenditure 2009-10
Legal Services Expenditure 2008-09
Legal Services Expenditure 2007-08
Legal Services Expenditure 2006-07
Legal Services Expenditure 2005-06

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