Australian Government, the Australian Office of Financial Management

Monthly Changes in Commonwealth Government Securities (CGS) Outstanding (a)

INSTRUMENT As at 31-Oct-13
Face Value
New issuance Face Value
Redemptions Face Value
As at 30-Nov-13
Face Value
Treasury Bonds 258,339,500 11,500,000(d) 1,350,549 268,488,951
Treasury Notes 7,000,000 4,500,000(e) 2,500,000 9,000,000
Treasury Indexed Bonds 21,019,000 550,000(f) - 21,569,000
Other (b) 13,466     13,466
Total $A denominated CGS 286,371,966 299,071,417
Total foreign currency
denominated CGS (c)
5,767 6,024
Total 286,377,732 299,077,440


(a) Excludes stock on loan under the AOFM's securities lending facility and stock issued for securities lending purposes
(b) Overdue CGS and State Tax Free Stock
(c) Valued at end-month exchange rates
(d) Cash proceeds $11,509,408,650
(e) Cash proceeds $4,473,275,306
(f) Cash proceeds $577,800,850

Commonwealth Government Securities

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